In 2009 I got the opportunity to get a K-8b glider for free.
This glider had been hanging in a toyshop in the middle of Amsterdam since 2000.
It was still complete including its original trailer and all her paperwork but in need of an overhaul.

Ka-8 - OE-0693 in Weense hangaar
The K-8b in her first life in a hangar in Wiener Neustadt

Ka-8 - OE-0693 - Vliegend tussen Oostenrijkse bergen
OE-0693 flying between the Austrian mountains in the 1960's

Ka-8 - OE-0693 aan het plafond
The K-8b hanging in a toy shop in Amsterdam

Ka-8 - OE-0693 eerste kennismaking
The K-8b ready to go to her new home

It was planned to give her a complete overhaul but I decided to leave all the linnen intact as it was still in a good condition. Still there was lots of work to be done, damage on fuselage, wings, tail and canopy had to be repaired, safety belts had to be renewed and instruments and hooks had to be reconditioned.

Ka-8 - OE-0693 - In de werkplaats
K-8b OE-0693 in the workshop .... where to begin?

Ka-8 - OE-0693 - Eerste kennismaking 10
A good place to start: restoration of the topdecking

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Onderhoud 093
This looks better, no more holes and saw cuts

The first big job was getting rid of all the different kinds of blue paint on the frame and the interior of the fuselage. A neutral gray paint was to replace it.

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Onderhoud 001
Before: blue, blue and blue again

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Onderhoud 051
And after: cleaned and gray

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Onderhoud 062
Changing nationality from Austrian to Dutch was easy

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Onderhoud 091
Goodbye OE-0693 .....

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Onderhoud 118
Welcome PH-1450

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Onderhoud 047
Not every place is easy accessible

On the wings and ailerons several wood repairs had to be done, which meant hours of sanding and fitting before finally glueing could be done.

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Onderhoud 098
Glueing in some reenforcements first

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Onderhoud 110
Almost time to glue the patch in

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Onderhoud 141
The ailerons too were in need of some repairs

During the restoration the open trailer was replaced by a closed one formerly used for a Ka-6, but it turned out that the wings do not fit in unless the roof is heightened. So more work to come, but that will have to wait until the plane is ready.

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Aanhanger 1 

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Aanhanger 15
Just 7 centimeters too low for the wings to fit

A new dashboard was built with a mix of old and new instruments and the new safety belts were installed.

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Nieuw instrumentenbord 7

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Onderhoud 183

Changes to the trailer came next.
The heightened roof has to be extended for the wings to fit in so a lot of welding had to be done.

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Laswerk aan de aanhanger

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Aanhanger met verhoogd dak
Roof extension primed and ready for final coating

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Aanhanger uitbreiding afgelakt
Final coating applied

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Aanhanger klaar voor nieuwe topbekleding
Ready for getting a new top decking

The wings finally fit but now it turns out that  the overall measurements of a Ka-6 are smaller than that of a K-8 so the stabilizer won't fit in the frame that came with the trailer. More work to be done. Luckily this could be done at home.

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Aanpassen stabilosteun
First the old lining is removed and then the openings are enlarged

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Stabilo in aangepaste steun
Finished and ready to be mounted in the trailer

Still the work is not finished as the K-8's fuselage turns out to be 40 centimeters longer than that of a Ka-6, so either the rails in the trailer or the transport cart on which the fuselage is mounted have to be modified.

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Eerste opbouw
First time after restoration that all parts come together and it all fits

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Wegen 1

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Wegen 2
On the scales for weighing the aircraft to make a weight and balance report

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - Montagekit
Also made a nice toolkit to hold all bolts and tools needed in the field

Ka-8 - PH-1450 - K-nari 
The logo: a mix of Schleicher and humor because of the planes color (canary)

Ka 8   PH 1450   Wachten op de eerste vlucht
Walk around checks done, waiting for a chance to get in the air again

Ka 8   PH 1450   Checks voor de eerste vlucht
Preparing for the first takeoff

Ka 8   PH 1450   Eerste vlucht
Finally airborne after more than 15 years. 

Ka 8   PH 1450  Take off 1
Up up .......

Ka 8   PH 1450  Take off 2
and away ...... 

Ka 8   PH 1450   Final
On final for the first landing. 

Ka 8   PH 1450   Na de eerste vlucht
A fine shot of this yellow beauty after the first flight

Ka 8   PH 1450   In de avondzon
From early morning until sunset PH-1450 gives us much joy

Ka 8   PH 1450   In de herfst 
Her colors combine nicely with the surrounding autumn colors