General type history

The Gö-4 was designed before the Second World War by Wolf Hirth and Wolfgang Hütter with the help of Ulrich Hütter and the prototype was first flown on 30 November 1937.
The Gö-4 is a two-seater side by side trainer with a glide ratio of 20:1.

Goevier - Pre-war Germany
Gö-4 II in pre-war German markings

After the war aircraft manufacturing was forbidden in Germany until 1951.
In Holland Fokker built 6 Gö-4 II's in 1948 and after 1951 Wolf Hirth again took up production of the Gö-4 (the Gö-4 III) and about 30 more were built.

Goevier - Zkh Prins Bernard in Goevier PH-111 Tromp
His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (right) in Gö-4 PH-111

At this time there are less then 10 Gö-4 gliders still in airworthy condition worldwide, some others are under restoration or are just static exhibits.

Goevier   Vijf Goeviers op een rij
A rare view: 5 Dutch Gö-4's in line (PH-206, 207, 209, 210 and 211)

History of PH-206

Gö-4 III PH-206 (c/n 416) was built in 1954 for the KNVvL (Royal Dutch Aeronautical Association) and registered as PH-206 on 24 July that year.

Goevier   PH 179 samen met PH 206
Just delivered at Terlet glider field together with Goevier II PH-179 (find the differences) 

When she was only 4 weeks old she crashed during take off at the Terlet gliding center with heavy damage as result. Luckily the damage was repaired.

Goevier - Kraak 1954 1

Goevier - Kraak 1954 2
Extensive damage after a take off accident

In 1956 she was sold to the Eerste Limburgse Zweefvliegclub (First Limburg Gliding Club) where she flew until 13 December 1968.
In 1962 PH-206 was again heavily damaged after a groundloop during the take-off run.
Goevier - Ongeval 01-07-1962 1

Goevier - Ongeval 01-07-1962 2

Goevier - Ongeval 01-07-1962 3
Again heavy damage, this time after a groundloop

Damage was repaired again and in 1968 the Nijmeegse Aero Club (NijAC) bought PH-206.
This club used PH-206 until the 1980's when she was put in storage.

Goevier PH-206 boven Malden in de jaren 70

Goevier - PH-206 in NIJAC dienst
PH-206 in two different color schemes when in use with the Nijmeegse Aero Club

In 1985 a number of club members (Jan van Beugen, Pierre Gubbels, Loek Hafkamp, Paul Mengelberg, and Jan Roza) bought PH-206.
It was decided to give PH-206 a complete overhaul to get her in mint condition.

Goevier - Jan en Jan verf krabben romp
Removing all paint from the fuselage

Goevier - Kale romp op aanhanger
Fuselage ready for next stage of restoration

Goevier - Jan en Jan bezig aan aileron
Stripping the ailerons

Goevier - Open vleugel
A fully stripped wing showing its inner works

Goevier - Bekleden van een vleugel
Re-covering the wing

Goevier - Nieuw beklede vleugel
Looks like a brand new wing again

Work proceeded slowly and at last in 1989 a new certificate of airworthiness was issued and the first post-restoration testflight was made from Hilversum airfield.

Goevier - Voorbereiding eerste testvlucht
A little rest before the first test flight

Goevier - Final briefing
Pilots holding a last briefing with the towplane pilot

Goevier - Eerste testvlucht
Airborne again for the first time in five years

Also a closed trailer was built for transporting and storing the aircraft.
A specialist job done by Pierre Gubbels.

Goevier - Aanhanger in aanbouw 1
The basic framework of the trailer

Goevier - Aanhanger in aanbouw 2
Covering the trailer

Goevier - Aanhanger met inhoud
Goevier PH-206 snugly in her new trailer

Unfortunately Jan van Beugen died not long after the test flights and the rest of the team decided to name PH-206 after Jan.
In an impressive ceremony Jan's widow Ann and daughter Camilla christened the Gö-4 at Asperden airfield (Germany).

Goevier - Doop PH-206 Asperden 1
Many friends and family attended the ceremony

Goevier - Doop PH-206 Asperden 2
Ann van Beugen unveiling the nose inscription

Goevier - Neus inscriptie
PH-206 proudly wears Jan's name

Since then PH-206 has visited many aviation events all over Europe.
Airshows, national historic glider rallies and international Vintage Glider Club rallies, Gö-4 III PH-206 is a regular guest.

Goevier - PH-206 boven Terlet 1992
PH-206 at the Vintage Glider Club rally over Dutch National Glider Center Terlet in 1992

Goevier - Air to air shot over Malden
PH-206 over the woods near Malden in 2010

Goevier - VHZ rally Asperden 2010
PH-206 over Germany near Asperden in 2010

Goevier - In Zbraslavice
PH-206 In Zbraslavice (Czechia) during a Vintage Glider Club rally in 2001

Since 2005 Goevier PH-206 has two owners: Camilla van Beugen and Jan Roza who intend to keep this beautiful glider flying for as many years as possible.

Goevier - Team PH-206 2012
Camilla and Jan in Gö-4 PH-206

Goevier   Venlo 2018 (small)
Showing off the beautiful wings at Venlo 2018

Goevier   Sleepstart
Aerotow takeoff at Nistelrode 2018