Company Profile

Silent Wings is a one man company in the person of Jan Roza.

It's a non-profit company which makes software as a hobby and distributes it as freeware.

Software making is just one of my (many) hobbies, other hobbies are building plastic model aircraft, building and flying radio-controlled model aircraft, glider flying, restoring vintage gliders, photographing aircraft and spending time with my family.

Jan in Pirat Koene aviateurs
Flying modern gliders is fun. But so is flying classical gliders with your head in the wind. 

Martijn in Morelli Martijn geeft instructie 2

Our son was flying model aircraft too and is also a glider pilot.

He is now also a gliding instructor.

So although I'm now retired, my free time is very limited.

Because of my many hobbies and family life I hope you can understand that making a freeware program may take some time.
It all depends on the sparetime I can find.