Welcome to the Silent Wings website.

On this website you will find free software I wrote and information about restoring and flying vintage gliders.
The restoration of two-seater glider type Gö-4 (registration PH-206) of which I'm part-owner started in 1986 and lasted until 1990. Since then many fine flights have been made with it.
Since 2009 I've been restoring single-seater glider type K-8b (registration PH-1450), its restoration was completed in 2015 and it's a real joy to fly.
Now, together with some other technicians, I'm working on several restoration projects (Grunau 8, Fokker Baby, Eberhardt Baby, Fokker Goevier II). 

The combination of aircraft and software may seem strange but they're my two hobbies.

Have fun with this website and my software!

Jan Roza
Jan Roza